Profitably growing King & McGaw’s social advertising revenue from zero to £500k+ in 10 months


King & McGaw is a retailer of art prints and frames, established in 1982. Their e-commerce store had historically relied on PPC and SEO for the majority of their customer acquisition, but had not been successful at generating revenue from Facebook and Instagram. Pollenary grew King & McGaw's social ad revenue from zero to £500k+ within 10 months.

What we did

After undertaking an audit to ensure transactions were being attributed correctly, we set up a series of experiments to determine which creative performed best. We discovered the most effective ads were focussed on editorial that delivered instant value (in this case inspiration) to the prospective customer.

This discovery made it possible to leverage existing editorial content, and accelerate the creation of new inspirational content that would work well as ads. As we scaled up the advertising spend, the demand for new creative was increasing faster than the small team was able to produce it.

Our solution was to leverage influencer outreach to generate assets for Facebook and Instagram ads. Each new influencer relationship would expose King & McGaw to a new audience as well as generate assets and social proof for King & McGaw's ads. Competitions and exclusive discounts helped us amplify this message further.


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